Lupe Fiasco Motion Feature - 2010 (Coming soon)

This was the second motion magazine editorial i took part in. Alexx Henry was doing a still shoot of Lupe for Source magazine and thought, why don't we bring the Red camera and shoot something for a living spread. So we read the Source article which was entitled Therapy and based on that title I built an animatic which gave us room to play with different ideas and later a roadmap for shooting. On the day of the shoot Lupe was on board with all of our ideas and we had a rocking shoot. From that point I think we were trying to meet some arbitrary deadline (Probably one imposed by me so I didn't spend forever!) and about 4 days later we had our final piece. At least in linear movie form which is what your watching above. I will post the interactive version as soon as i can get my hands on it.

  • Date Added: Nov 2012
  • Date: Nov 2010
  • Client: Lupe Fiasco
  • Link: http://www
  • TAG: Living art, motion editorial, digital magazine, Lupe Fiasco