Viv Magazine Motion Feature - April 2010

In early 2010, just a month or so before the first iPad was to hit the market, I was working with Alexx Henry to create a motion cover for Viv magazine (A digital only, woman's magazine) as that project was delivering, Viv asked us to create a motion feature for an article about woman's sex fears. It was to be in the same april issue and first to run on an iPad. 1 green screen shoot and 3 weeks later we emerged with this piece which to date is one of the most exciting projects i've worked on! We also scored a gold lion at Cannes which was a very nice bonus and fun trip to france! On top of that when the iPad was released Apple called and said that everyone on campus was really digging what we had done and the only problem with it is that we set the bar too high, too soon!

The goal for us was to explore ideas that enhanced and further immersed the reader into the story. Quickly we could see how the obvious went along way in heightening the experience…. music, sound, meaningful transitions, though It got really exciting once we dove into visual metaphors for each of the segments. It really became a chance to combine the art of writing with visual poetry to enhance the overall experience and its easy to see the power in that combo. Unfortunately for all of us digital content consumers, the cost of this enhancement is very prohibiting, at least at this level.

Alexx Henry has a great behind the scenes video on his site if you want to check out more about it.

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  • Date: March 2010
  • Client: Viv Magazine
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